Real-time and Autonomous Systems 2022

  • Mai 2023

Das Buch "Real-time and Autonomous Systems 2022" mit den Beiträgen der Konferenz "Echtzeit 2022: Automatisierung im Alltag" wurde veröffentlicht

Die Beiträge zur Konferenz "Echtzeit 2022: Automatisierung im Alltag" des Fachausschusses Echtzeitsysteme der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. wurden nun beim Springer Nature-Verlag veröffentlicht.

Das Buch trägt den Titel "Real-time and Autonomous Systems 2022" und enthält mein Paper "Deadlock Detection in OpenPEARL".

  • "Focuses on time-critical applications and autonomously operating systems"
  • "Covers proceedings of the Real-Time 2022 meeting organized by the Gesellschaft für Informatik"
  • "Written by experts in the field"

"OpenPEARL is an open source build system for PEARL, a DIN-standard programming language designed for building multitasking and real-time applications. In the target domain of PEARL applications, error-free synchronization of multiple processes is of particular importance. Among other things, deadlocks pose a great risk, as they usually occur irregularly and cause the system to crash. The following describes a concept that can detect deadlocks that may occur and those that have already occurred through various approaches. It is integrated with OpenPEARL and is designed to help application developers identify, understand, and troubleshoot process synchronization errors."

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